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Department of Coronary Care Unit

Coronary Care Unit:

Department of Cardiology was established in 1964 in Civil Hospital Karachi and is the largest cardiac centre in the public sector teaching hospitals in Sindh province, providing low cost care to poor and needy patients from all over Sindh as well as from Baluchistan.

The staff of cardiology department is serving in diagnostic & therapeutic areas as well as looking after critical cardiac patients, with state of art equipment under the supervision of qualified and well-trained faculty members of Dow Medical College and Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi. This department is a 74 bedded ward with 12 bed CCU, 10 bed ICCU with ventilators, a 6 bed separate emergency department (providing 24 hour emergency cardiac cover to outdoor patients and cardiac patients from entire civil hospital as well), and a full week cardiac OPD.

It is rendering diagnostic facilities such as Echocardiography (Doppler, Stress, Tran-esophageal) in its 3 Echo Labs, bedside Echo in emergency unit, ICCU and CCU with a portable Echo machine, Exercise tolerance test in Stress test Lab., Holter monitoring and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, Radionuclide Studies in its latest Gamma Camera facility, and providing services in the field of invasive cardiology from 2 cath.

Labs by procedures such as coronary angiography/peripheral angiography, angioplasty and stenting, pericardiocentesis, TPM and permanent pace maker, ICD implantation, as well as PTMC procedures. The increasing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in Pakistan even in younger population needs preventive strategies, department is creating awareness about the preventive measures by displaying them on LCD screens in the various sections of the ward for continuous learning of the patients and their relatives. The Department is taking part in teaching and training activities of the paramedical staff, medical undergraduates and postgraduates to increase the human resource to deal with the increasing burden of cardiovascular disorders.

The staff of cardiology department always welcomes the poor and needy ailing cardiac patients to provide them diagnostic care, therapeutic and interventional management.

Service Offered:

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