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Department of Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit:

The ICU is one of the basic necessities of the hospital both in the public & private set up. MIH has esteem ICU which is fully equipped with all the required specialized equipment to be used for the critical care of the patients.

  • This unit is based on nine (09) beds including isolation and HDU.
  • Every bed is provided with a Ventilator and vital signs monitors, the Emergency trolley is maintained with all necessary medicines and infusions. Besides ECG, Defibrillator and portable X-ray are provided as a part of the unit.
  • The ICU is not open to public/ Attendants
  • The nursing staff deputed is trained in ICU/CCU speciality.
  • Round the clock, one or more trained medical officer is present in ICU.
  • Consultants visit the patients as and when required around the clock.
  • Germ-free environment is very well maintained in ICU.

The operation theatre is next adjacent to the ICU. The Anesthetist in charge OT is also in charge of the ICU.

Panel of Doctors – Intensive Care Unit